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Home Inspectors Greenville SC

home inspector during work

Homes are where the heart is, and the plumbing, electrical, foundation and more. To ensure your home is in the very best working order and able to offer a safe environment for inhabitants you will want to invest into a professional home inspection. Evaluating the inner systems of the structure will give our team insight into the current state of the systems and offer clarity on faults, problems or major defects. Specialized solutions that fit the needs of our customers is what we provide. Make an informed decision with the help of our home inspector services in Greenville, SC.

Home Inspection Benefits

There is no real failure when it comes to a home inspection assessment, however, the completed report can deliver a tool with which you can renegotiate. Some of the biggest items that our team looks for with any home inspection service include but are not isolated to water damage, structural issues, roofing, electrical, plumbing, insect and pest infestation and of course the competency of the HVAC system. All of these points of concern are thoroughly investigated through our comprehensive packages.

Specialized Services

Some of the lesser-known issues that can arise from a skipped home inspection can be disastrous to your investment. This is why it is essential to hire the very best home inspection team to complete a thorough and inclusive assessment of the property. We do not just look at the structure of the home; instead we look at the property in its entirety. We inspect and assess the septic system, offer radon testing in the home, and water testing to ensure there is no contamination. All of these services lead to a more informed decision from our clients and of course better investments.

Pool Inspection

Pool installations that have become compromised through years of use, improper installation or other elements can be a big headache for homeowners. The amount of liquid that is held by the pool can leak into the foundation of the home, cause gradient problems or shifting in the surrounding property. We offer pool inspections to ensure that the pool on the property in question is completely assessed by industry professionals. Looking for a complete experience with high-quality inspection agents? We have got you covered with our one-stop service packages. Customize your home inspection service today with our specialized offerings.


A good way to test the validity of a home inspection agency is through the verification of certification. Any home inspection agent is required to hold the proper certifications in order to practice the profession. Our team is highly vetted and is able to provide proof of certification to clients if requested. We work hard to find the truth, the state of your home, potential home or commercial property should be studied with intention and delivered with honesty. We offer truth, transparency as staples of any service provided by our team members.