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Fha Home Inspection

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As the local industry leader for all things property inspections, our team is proud to provide FHA home inspection services. It is first imperative to understand the difference and how an FHA home inspection can further enhance your buying process or selling process.


Congress created the Federal housing administration and part of the mission was to allow and ensure that Americans and straightforward and safe access to housing. For this particular reason, there are minimum property standards for any home that is purchased using an FHA loan. FHA appraisers are required to review that each property meets these expectations and standards during an appraisal. However, an FHA inspection is carried out by a home inspector and carries some significant differences. An FHA inspection is a full and thorough inspection of the home and followed by a thorough report of the current condition of the property.

Insurance & Mortgage

A FHA insured property is required to be sanitary, structurally sound and safe. This is a requirement set out by the legislative framework to ensure that the property meets a set of minimum property expectations set out in FHA guidelines. Unfortunately if the subject property does not meet FHAs minimum property standards, the legislative framework will not supply a mortgage insurance for your loan. Our clients and the loans that they secure are often contingent on the FHA supplying insurance.  Therefore, when a property does not meet the set of minimum expectations, the lender is likely to disapprove the mortgage until the seller is able to bring the home up to the minimum qualifications and standards set out by the legislative framework.

Industry Leading

As industry-leading home inspectors, we have a commitment and obligation to inform our clients regarding each and every aspect or component to contribute to the condition of the home. We are suitably equipped to review a wide variety of components that encompass the interior and exterior of home. Everything from ripped carpets to leaky faucets to major roofing or siding concerns. We go beyond what is noticeable to the naked eye. We are able to do this by utilizing advanced and innovative technologies give us a clear and true reflection of the home in question. When inspecting a home, we are able to illustrate a report for our clients and share with them the current condition of the home.

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Ultimately it is our job to facilitate our clients in the honest and thorough review of their property in alignment with FHA guidelines. We are trained to adhere to a list of components throughout your home and leverage the use of advanced technology to get a clear and distinct reflection of your homes current condition. We are able to identify future concerns with associated costs in maintenance or repair. To learn more about FHA guidelines and FHA inspections, be sure to contact our customer service team to arrange your free one on one consultation.