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Electrical Home Inspection

home inspector inspecting electricity

Better experience we have developed a keen and particular focus on providing our clients with the necessary electrical home inspections they require for full clarity. By reviewing the electrical components throughout the residential or commercial property we are able to enlighten our clients to the current true reflection of the properties condition. By doing so we are able to help our clients save a tremendous amount of money as well as time should there be any concerns or shortcomings in the reflection of the condition of the home.

Electrical Components

We do our inspections in alignment with electrical industry guidelines and set out a list of concerns that reflect the need for eventual repair as well as examples of components to the home that may reflect a risk to the occupant’s health and safety and therefore require the necessary immediate repair. However, we are also able to identify aspects of the home for our clients that require a necessary repair. These include wiring concerns, inadequate voltage or equipment as well as access to or from bedrooms to the exterior of the home, structural integrity problems such as foundation damage and many more.


We are able to accompany our report with the details about the home construction as well as any possible associated costs to the maintenance or replacement of interior and exterior electrical work. Properly installed electrical wiring serves a significant purpose towards the convenience and functionality of any property. If the property in question is the result of poor workmanship or insulation, this can cause significant safety issues and put you as the buyer at risk for a number of hazards including electrical fires. It is therefore crucial that we as an organization of home inspectors and the construction team who work together to make sure that each and every component of your property’s electrical system is compliant with any residential or commercial building standards.


The last thing that we want our customers to do is to go ahead with significant investment and purchase a home or property with an outdated or deteriorated electrical wiring system and then only later find out that it will cost them thousands of dollars in addition to several hours time-consuming tasks to complete the necessary upgrades. By investing in a thorough and detailed inspection, you will be leveraging significant collective experience that involves a service panel checklist examination.

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We are able to reveal exactly how the current and existing electrical system works and whether the previous owner has overloaded any of the circuits. What this does is delivers and provides imperative data that will allow you to facilitate negotiation in the sales price of the property while also making sure you avoid significant headaches in the future. Learn more about how our team can enhance your home inspection services with a thorough and certified electrical review, be sure to arrange your free one on one consultation with our team by calling the customer service line at the number below or simply connected us over social media.