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About Our Business

home inspector during work

Inspections are essential to the purchase of a new property, knowing that you are walking into a safe and structurally sound investment is vital. We look for the faults in your electrical, plumbing, structural and additional systems to find areas of concern If you choose to forgo the condition on your purchase, it is still recommended that you retain the services of a home inspection agency following the acquisition of your new property. We are able to offer insight into the condition of your various systems and recommend updates that will bring your home to code. Our team is comprised of industry professionals who have over 50 years of experience in the field of home inspections. We are constantly growing our services, offering comprehensive packages that deliver solutions for your inspection needs. Calling our customer care team is the first step to uncovering what is underneath the walls, ceiling and floor of your potential property. Inspection agents throughout Greenville are required to hold the proper accreditation and skillset to offer consumers the right information into the structural integrity of their home or potential property. When you are choosing the right outfit to complete your home inspection it is imperative that you seek high quality, properly licensed providers. Home inspections are what we do; we invest into the continued education of our staff and the innovative tools that become available to assist in our field of expertise.