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Whether you are investing in a new property, selling your property or looking to improve the systems at work in your structure you will require the needs of home inspectors. First choice in home inspection services is the comprehensive and complete offerings provided by Home Inspectors Services in Greenville SC! Using professional, licensed individuals to conduct the inspection is essential to the validity of your investment, without the proper accreditation you can find yourself overwhelmed with additional problems down the road. Mitigate your loss by acquiring our services for your home, commercial and industrial inspection services throughout Greenville, SC.

About Us

Home inspections have been a necessary part of the buying, selling and building process throughout North America and beyond! Because of the importance of what we do, we ensure that our team members are completely vetted and able to complete their inspections with competency. Being in the home inspection business is a pleasure that we have held since creation in 1999, since conception we have helped businesses and homeowners through some of the biggest transactions of their lives. Our core values lay within the results that are derived from our processes.

Our Services

Understanding the inner workings of your home is imperative to the health and safety of your business or residence. Home inspectors are responsible for the investigation and indication of faults, defects and potential problems that are present in properties. These properties could be under contract for sale, newly built and under warranty, or simply recently inherited. Understanding the inner workings of your structure is important to identifying and correcting potential hazards. Our services include roof inspection, property inspection, buyer’s home inspections, FHA home inspection, and electrical home inspections. Along with these major categories we are able to help with additional needs of our commercial or residential customers.

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Home Inspectors
Greenville SC

Home inspections are necessary to ensure the validity of your property is in order. The different systems that play into your home should be in working order, if any faults become apparent it can mean financial loss for owners in the future. Our comprehensive services offer solutions for homeowners in need of high quality inspections in Greenville, SC. From electrical systems to plumbing, foundation and even grading your entire property will be completely assessed and reported on by licensed individuals.

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Roof Inspection

The four walls of properties are held together with the installation of a roof, the roofing system offers us protection from elements and insulation from the exterior. What happens when your roofing installation is compromised? The potential for leaks and water damage becomes high and an area of concern for all homeowners. With a complete home inspection offered by our team you will be able to assess the current state of the roof in question. Armed with the proper information you will be able to make an informed decision when it comes to the purchase of a property.

“I was a first time home buyer, I had no idea about inspections! They caught so much stuff I didn’t even know about. Super happy the team helped me out!” Emily S.

Property Inspection

Property inspections offer a complete view into the state of the entire property. From irrigation systems to grading and even pools you will be able to have a clear and honest assessment of the property. We can sometimes forget about the accompanying systems that compliment our homes, with our property inspection service you will be able to have all of the necessary information to renegotiate price or reconsider the investment opportunity.

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Buyers Home Inspection Greenville SC

Buyers are entitled to a home inspection of newly acquired properties, while this condition can be waved from contracts however it is wise to include it in the purchase of a home. We offer comprehensive home inspections that help new, or experienced buyers assess the risks involved with the purchase. Investing your hard earned money into something as substantial as a property can be overwhelming, Knowing that the newly acquired space is in working order or areas of concern are known can help.

building inspector inspecting buyers home

“Understanding the inner workings of homes is not my strong suit. I left it to the professionals and I am glad that I did! Helped me renegotiate my purchase price.” Paul G.

building inspector inspecting FHA home

FHA Home Inspection

Our excellent team of home inspection experts offers FHA home inspections. We have facilitated FHA home inspections for years with complete satisfaction from our customer base. Find out why we are the top choice in Greenville for all home inspection services with one simple call to our customer care team.

building inspector inspecting house electricity

Electrical Home Inspection

The inner workings of our homes are important, we need to know the state of the electrical, plumbing, foundation and more to make the best decision on a large purchase. Our services are offered for clients who are looking for unparalleled results for affordable rates. Electrical home inspections are important as if there is an issue, it can be a hazard for the inhabitants of the space. Electrical systems must be wired properly and kept to code in order for the safety to be at an acceptable level.

“Getting my home appraised and inspected prior to being put on the market was suggested by my realtor. Glad I did, it made a huge difference and my house sold quickly, the team was so sweet and really did a thorough job.” Laura D.

Contact Us Today

Contact our team today for your free, no pressure consultation! Our team is proud to offer high quality home inspections for customers throughout Greensville, SC. We have offered complete home inspection services to our community since 1999, through these years of service we have indicated areas of concern and prevented hazards that were otherwise immanent. Finding areas of concern, major problems or other defaults in a potential purchase can be disheartening. It is however far better to know than be unprepared! Contact us today for more information or to schedule your home inspection service.